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Go to the export menu click on SVG... to bring up the options to export your timeline to svg.

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Only applicable to timelines shared on

If you are a subscriber, you can append .svg to your own public links to get a svg. It will reflect the latest changes that have been made to that timeline automatically.

Supported query parameters:

ParameterPossible valueExample value
darktrue or false
showEventTitlestrue or false
showDateTexttrue or false
rowHeight2 or 3 or 4
scale1 to 10
roundedLefttrue or false
roundedRighttrue or false
markersdecade, year, month, day, hour, minute

(give it a second to load...)


  • Initial load is slow
  • Groups are not supported


Appending .mw to a markwhen url will yield the raw text in text/markwhen format: The markwhen at that url must be public or you must have access to it for this to work.

You can also copy the entire timeline to your clipboard from the export menu and click on Copy entire timeline to clipboard.