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Event Descriptions

An event description is everything after the date range of the event, up to the next event. Event descriptions can span multiple lines. For 12/2012: End of the world, the event description is just End of the world. For the following event:

1961: Year after 1960
Later, 1962 would happen

the event description is

Year after 1960
Later, 1962 would happen

Everything not on the first line (where the date range is specified) up to the next event will be put in an overflow box that can be expanded by clicking on the event. Such an overflow is indicated in the timeline with an ellipsis (...). Event descriptions can include tags, links, locations, photos, and references.


Events can be tagged to visually indicate they belong to some category. Simply add your tag text in any part of an event's description to tag it:

2022: Happy 95th Birthday Queen Elizabeth #UK #Royalty

A list of all tags appears at the bottom of the screen to allow for filtering by tags.

Links are similar to markdown links: link display text in brackets followed by the url in parentheses:

2018 - 3 years: [Google](


Events can have zero or more locations associated with them, indicated with the following syntax: [name of location](map|location)

09/2018: Road trip to Seattle
[Devil's Tower](location)
[Glacier National Park](map)


Markdown-style images are supported: ![optional alt text](image link)


Link to other timelines with the @ syntax:

1919: Treaty of Versailles @wwi

Task list

Markdown task lists are supported:

now: Things to do
- [ ] unfinished task
- [x] finished task

When no percent is present, the completion ratio of tasks will be used to represent the percent complete and will be indicated in the event bar.


Indicate that an event is some percent complete by including 0-100% in your event, and the event bar will be partially filled in to show the completion percentage.