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An event is a date range followed by a colon followed by an event description:

12/2012: End of the world

1961: Year after 1960
Later, 1962 would happen

1 year: 1962, just as predicted

2020-02-22T12:13:14Z-now: How long the pandemic has been going on?
12/7/1941: Pearl Harbor attacked
Launched US into WWII

2022-02-22T16:27:08.369Z: More specific thing
2021-01-02T06:27:00Z-2022: ongoing project work until the end of 2022

1892/2021-08-12: Example of EDTF date range

Quick Reference

Event[DateRange|EDTFDateRange]:[EventDescription]08/2015-05/2017: CS degree #Education
EDTFDateRange[EDTFDate|RelativeDate|now][/EDTFDate|RelativeDate|now]2004-02-01/2005, 2005/2006-02, 2005/now, 2018/6 months
EDTFDateYYYY(-MM(-DD)?)?2000-06-01, 1892, 1492-01
Date. now is a special keyword which means what you think it does[HumanDate|ISO8601|RelativeDate|now]01/30/1888
HumanDate. Defaults to American formatting (Month/Day/Year, can be overridden in header)[m/d-]yyyy2002 or 01/2002 or 12/25/1901
Casual date.(day)?(jan|feb|mar|apr|may|jun|jul|aug|sep|oct|nov|dec)(day)?(year)(time)?4 January 1996 or Oct 8 2012 or March 16 12:19pm or 9:15pm or 06:30
ISO8601 format. The T and Z are required.YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS:MSZ1859-05-09T12:01:01Z
Relative Date (base this date off of another)[after] [!eventId] Amountafter !Birthday 3 weeks 2 days, 2 days - 3 months 4 days 8 seconds, !ww1 21 years - 6 years
Amount (used in relative dates)[digit] [milliseconds|seconds|minutes|hours|days|weeks|months|years]after !Birthday 3 weeks, 2 days - 3 months, !ww1 21 years - 6 years
Event description([text]|[Tag]|[Location]|[Link])*07/2014: 4th of July in DC ![](https:/ #Travel @sue @greg [Washington, DC](location)
Tag#[tag name]1999: The Matrix #Movies
Location[location name](location|map)02/23/1836: Battle of the Alamo (The Alamo, TX)[map]
Link[display text](link)05/25/2021: []( featured on [Hacker News](
Photos. Markdown-style image format.![optional alt text](image link)07/2017: 4th of July in DC ![](
Reference. Reference and link to other markwhen pages.@[other markwhen name]09/2019: Dinner with @karl or 2020-2022: COVID-19 Pandemic @jenny/covid @covidtimeline
Comment//[text]// this is a comment