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Reminders (beta) can send you email reminders about events. If you want to get reminders for all events, specify a top-level entry in your header:

title: Important meetings
reminders: [1 day]

2023-09-08: ...

Alternatively you can specify reminders on specific tags, to only receive reminders about events that have that tag:

  reminder: 15 minutes

In this case, you will get an email about events tagged with #work 15 minutes before they begin.

Instead of a singular duration, you may specify a list of durations, and you will get an email for each one accordingly:

    - 15 minutes
    - 1 hour

  reminders: [1 day, 7 days]

You may use either reminder or reminders for your syntax (just don't use both on one tag).

You may get even more specific with your reminders with beforeBegin, afterBegin, beforeEnd, and afterEnd that send reminder(s) before or after an event begins or ends:

  color: red
  timezone: America/New_York
      durations: [30 minutes, 15 minutes]
        - 30 minutes
    beforeEnd: 15 minutes

Sep 8 2023 9am: Suport important meeting #work

Note that currently reminders do not work with recurring events - only the first instance of the event will trigger any applicable reminders.

Set a timezone!

When using reminders, be sure to set a timezone in your header. Reminders are set and sent based on the timezone specified in the markwhen file - if it's not set, you will not receive reminders when you expect, or at all.