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Reminders and timezones


Events in markwhen can be tagged with the # syntax:

2020: Mostly uneventful year #covid

Here, the event has the tag #covid. In views that support different colors, this event will have a distinct color from other, untagged events.


You can specify a tag's color in the header:

#covid: blue

2020: Mostly uneventful year #covid

Multiple tags

Events, groups, and sections all support multiple tags, but their behavior with given properties becomes undefined -- or at least less defined.

Basically, do not expect smart merging of tags' properties:

#school: red
#work: yellow

2021: Was working while in school #school #work

Events tagged with both #school and #work will not be colored orange because #school is red and #work is yellow. It will be one or the other. Similarly with timezones -- an event can't simultaneously have two different timezones. You should be specific with your tags. Reminders, however, are cumulative. If you have different reminders set on two different tags, an event with both tags will receive both sets of reminders.